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05/19/2009 Business Week: America"s most promising startups: Declaring War on Medical Billing Errors

05/07/2009 Wall Street Jourmal article "Tallying the Cost to Bring Baby Home" recommends Smart Medical Consumer ( as the service to help you organize your bills and look for errors.

02/25/2008 Press Release: Smart Medical Consumer Enhances Web-Based Medical Expense Management Service to Increase Billing Error Detection and Simplify Record Keeping

02/22/2008 Nikkei: Japan"s leading financial newspaper features an article about Smart Medical Consumer"s Founder and CEO. (scan of Japanese version)

10/25/2007 New York Times: Experience-Based Ventures Help Fight the Frustrations of Fighting Breast Cancer

09/04/2007 Wall Street Journal: New Services Help Unsnarl Medical Bills

03/19/2007 Business Week: Entrepreneurs to Watch

01/31/2007 Press Release: SmartMedicalConsumer Introduces Web Service for Medical Expense Management

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